Join Up with the All Bingo Club

This great site for bingo games has been created by Microgaming Software Corporation and is a subsidiary of the All Slots online casino. The All Bingo Club offers you the same high quality online graphics and sound effects that are part and parcel of Microgaming's online software reputation. The All Bingo Club offers you 90 ball bingo games with Microgaming's user friendly, reliable and extremely functional software.

It costs you nothing to join the All Bingo Club. You only have to register with some personal details and you can begin your play. Right at the beginning, All Bingo Club offers you a free Sterling Pounds 5.00 to try out a bingo game. I was only sorry to find that there is no "practice play" feature. But bingo games are not the kind of online game one needs to learn. The play is obvious.

Playing Bingo Games at the All Bingo Club

As already stated, All Bingo Club offers you the 90 ball style bingo game. Their bingo cards have 15 numbers each which are arranged in three rows. New games start every few minutes and are continuous day and night. In other words, whenever you feel like playing bingo, just log onto the All Bingo Club and purchase your bingo cards.

There are three ways to win in the All Bingo Club bingo games:

  • complete one horizontal line
  • complete two horizontal lines
  • complete your whole bingo card and you get the big prize

You can buy a set of six bingo cards (called a strip) where every possible number from 1 to 90 appears only once across all the six tickets. Thus, with every ball called by your "bingo computer caller" one number can be marked on any of your six cards. You need concentration and quick mouse moves to do this as the caller moves fast!

Special Features at the All Bingo Club

Some of the specials you will find in the bingo games at the All Bingo Club are listed below:

  • Auto Daub - this is a computer program which checks your bingo cards for you and marks the matching numbers that come out of the big ball. It means that you won't miss a number, but it does remove some of the excitement from the game. You can sit back and let "auto daub" do your work for you, but you won't have such a satisfactory feeling when you win.
  • Progressive Jackpots - All Bingo Club has some games with progressive jackpots. In these bingo games the winner must complete a full card within 40 balls called. If no one wins, the jackpot grows. Meanwhile, the number of called balls increases by one ball every two days, so your chances of winning the progressive jackpot become a bit easier.
  • Bingo Chat - bingo is a very sociable game. That's why the All Bingo Club has initiated a Chat Room. You can chat with other bingo players while you are at the game. You can discuss bingo games with them or any other subject that comes to mind. You may find that in the Chat Room you will develop friendships with bingo buddies.
  • With all of these features in mind, the All Bingo Club offers you the best in bingo games online, so join up now!