Bingo Card Origins

Bingo has been around for centuries in one form or another. Whether you consider the ancient game of Keno as the major contributor to Bingo or you consider the ancient Italian game of lotto which led to the establishment of the Italian Lottery. Each of these games used a board with numbers or symbols on it and the idea was to match the numbers or symbols that you chose on your board to win a prize. Today Bingo is much more sophisticated than it was and now a player needs to match a line of numbers or a full bingo card or board in order to win.

75 Ball Bingo Cards

There are two main types of Bingo that are played, each with their own special card. The 75 ball bingo game which is more popular in the US than European countries is played using a card that is 5x5. In other words there are 5 columns and 5 rows. Each square of the grid is filled with a number apart from the middle square which is considered as the wild square and is usually covered with a star or special symbol. All of the squares have numbers in them which differs from the 90 ball Bingo game. A player can win in a number of ways when playing with a 75 ball bingo card, either by covering all of the numbers known as "cover all", corner numbers or one row or column or even diagonally. The winning method is determined at the beginning of each game.

90 Ball Bingo Cards

The more popular way to play Bingo is the 90 ball bingo game which has a card made up of nine columns and three rows. Not all of the numbers are filled in on this card. In fact for each row there are only 5 numbers filled in which gives a total of 15 numbers on each card. The 90 ball Bingo card is very methodical in that the first column is made up of numbers from 10-19, the second from 20-29 and so on until the last column. This of course makes it easier for the player to identify numbers that are called.

Bingo Board Themes and Decorations

When playing Bingo online, even though the placement of the numbers on the Bingo boards is generated by a random number generator, the Bingo house can still choose different themes and decorations for the Bingo boards. There is no limit to the different themes that are used which makes the game even more interesting, aside from the chat boxes which pop up when you start playing. Bingo boards are also used as a very effective teaching tool for adults and children not only providing them with an incentive to learn but also giving them the win prizes for their efforts. Bingo is a worldwide game and it is often forgotten how important a part the Bingo board plays in this game and how the game cannot be played without it!