How to Play Bingo

Bingo is an easy game that will take you no time to learn how to play. The aim of Bingo is very simple; in order to win you need to cover all of the numbers on your bingo card or, as in some games a straight line of numbers, whether it is vertical, horizontal or diagonal. The numbers are called or thrown out randomly from a machine which is controlled by a random number generator and you as the player; need to search for the numbers on your bingo card.

If your number is called then it should be marked off or covered. As you play bingo, always keep in mind the pattern of the winning line that you need, whether it is a full card or a line and when you achieve it make sure you call out Bingo and let the managers of the game know. You do not need to be super skilled when playing Bingo; it is not a tactical game but rather a game for observers. When playing Bingo you need to keep your wits about you the whole time in order to make sure you have marked every number that is called and check if you have achieved any winning lines or patterns.

Which Bingo Game?

There are two main types of Bingo games; 75 Ball Bingo and 90 Ball Bingo, each one with the same basic rules of play. When playing Bingo you buy or are given a card. On a 75 ball bingo card there are 25 numbers randomly placed on a 5x5 grid. The numbers range from 1-75. Each column corresponds to a letter in the word Bingo. The first column holds numbers from 1-15,( this corresponds to the letter B of Bingo which is usually written across the top of the card), the second column which corresponds to the letter I is made up of numbers from 16-30, the third column is made up from numbers 31-45 and the fourth column is made up from numbers 46-60. The last column which corresponds to the letter O is made up from numbers 61-75. In total there are 25 squares but only 24 numbers; the middle square is a free space or bonus space.

90 Ball Bingo

90 ball bingo cards have a different layout; each bingo card is made up of three rows and nine columns. Each row has a total of five numbers spaced across it. There are no bonus squares in 90 Ball Bingo. There are a total of 15 numbers in a 90 ball bingo game and the remaining squares on a bingo card are left blank. 90 Ball Bingo is the most popular version of Bingo that is played in the UK and Europe.

What is a Bingo Win?

Playing Bingo requires concentration. Numbers are called out or displayed on a screen and it is up to you to find these numbers on your card or cards. If you are playing Bingo online you can choose the automatic "dab" function where the computer will automatically find your numbers. A winner is the first player to get a full line or match the advertised winning pattern. Basic wins are by achieving one straight line; vertical, horizontal or diagonal. In some games a player needs to match an advertised pattern or cover the whole board, this is known as a "blackout" or "coverall" game. Bingo games offer monetary prizes or physical prizes.

Choose your Type of Bingo

Playing Bingo is fun and dynamic. Some players like to play more than one bingo card at a time, but remember the more cards you are playing, the more your attention is divided. Playing Bingo is exciting and rewarding; it is a game for every type of person and gives equal chances to each and every player.