Ladies888 Special Attractions

Ladies888 is first and foremost an online bingo site. Nonetheless, the many extra games aside from straight forward online bingo help to make Ladies888 a site where online bingo players will always find interesting and entertaining games to try or participate in. As far as single non online bingo games are concerned, Ladies888 is one of those online bingo websites that push the threshold between a bingo hall and an online casino. Thus, aside from online bingo games, Ladies888 has an impressive collection of online casino games including various popular slots games, keno and even a rather active roulette wheel. Online bingo players might suspect that with so many non online bingo games, the Ladies888 site might really be an online casino in disguise. Nothing could be further from the truth though, as Ladies888 has clearly put a lot of effort in creating a very nice and friendly online bingo world. The online bingo games of Ladies888 are thus of top quality and include chat games with very real cash prizes that serve to keep players on their toes and interacting if only in order to gain some more cash. This style of active chat games helps the online bingo players of Ladies888 enjoy a highly active community where people are constantly being encouraged to chat and chat lively. Other special attractions of Ladies888 are the very popular horoscope game where the 12 most active and loyal online bingo players are awarded by Ladies888 for their loyalty and dedication and the option of creating bingo teams of up to three players for the purpose of taking on the world of online bingo with a team effort.

Technical Details of Ladies888

Ladies888 boasts 10 bingo rooms 5 for 90 ball online bingo and 5 for 75 ball online bingo. Online bingo cards at Ladies888 can cost as little as 5p although there are also more expensive online bingo cards available at Ladies888. It is possible to buy tickets for the special monthly promotional games in advance. The interface boasts an auto daub option so that you don't have to actively keep track of your online bingo cards and numbers (although some online bingo players think that using this option excessively reduces from the overall fun of online bingo). At Ladies888, there are signup bonuses as well as reload bonuses so that online bingo players are encouraged to keep on playing online bingo at Ladies888 again and again. Ladies888 accepts most popular money transfer options and handles transactions in GBP, Euro and USD. Withdrawals can also be accomplished by any of a large selection of methods so that online bingo players at Ladies888 should have no problem whatsoever with the various monetary issues accompanying the online bingo fun of Ladies888. Ladies888 is also well known for the ease of the initial signup which allows the online bingo players to quickly get down to the fun and excitement of online bingo at Ladies888. This is important since, after all, playing online bingo was the reason why online bingo players came to visit Ladies888 in the first place.

Ladies888 in Sum

In sum, one might say that Ladies888 is a good bingo website with several strong points including that focus primarily about the extra games and extra options which are offered the online bingo player as he frequents Ladies888, one of the best online bingo websites in the world! New Ladies888 visitors are always welcome (and should not forget to take the special Ladies888 promotional signup cash bonus!).