Mobile Bingo


The popular game of bingo has remained a firm favourite of players for many years. The subsequent introduction of more sophisticated and complex mobile and casino games have done little to diminish the game of bingo and many people enjoy to play bingo on mobile devices all over the world. Bingo can be enjoyed on many online sites, as well as sites that are dedicated solely to the games of mobile bingo. There are many mobile casino sites that offer players the option of playing real money mobile bingo as well as playing just for fun.

The Mobile Bingo Game Rules

The greatest thing about the game of mobile bingo is that you can play whenever you desire. Gone are the days of the weekly game of bingo in community centre, you can now win real money playing bingo on mobile whenever you wish.

The online and mobile bingo games are very similar to the original bingo games that are played at a bingo hall. Players can usually choose the number of bingo cards that they wish to play with, although the casino will have a limit on the number of cards a player can play with. The bingo card is a grid of five rows and five columns with every row and column having a number in it, the centre of the bingo card is left blank.

 The bingo cards are presented on your mobile screen and a display next to the card will keep track of the numbers as they are called out. Once the random number generator calls out a number, you need to mark it off on your bingo card/s. When you have completed all of the numbers in the bingo pattern, you hit the bingo button. The computer will check to ensure that your card has matched up correctly. If it has been filled in correctly you will win the game of bingo and be entitled to a payout.

The Mobile Bingo Apps

Players of mobile bingo can choose to play at the mobile site that is connected to their online casino where they are already familiar with the bingo site and the games, or, they can choose to play using an independent mobile bingo app.

The mobile bingo app can be enjoyed by anyone who owns a compatible mobile device. These apps can be downloaded directly to your mobile device and they can usually be played for fun as well as for real money.

Many of the bingo apps offer a real money bonus for mobile bingo players. This bonus can be a free welcome bonus upon downloading the application, it can also take the form of a free money bonus that is awarded once you have made your first deposit in your mobile bingo account. Some mobile bingo apps even offer the player the option of playing for free and winning real money.

How to win when playing Mobile Bingo

Although the game of bingo is primarily a game of chance, there are a number of tips that a player can utilize to increase his chances of winning.

Although it may be tempting to play with a large number of bingo boards to increase your chances of winning, this has often proven to be too confusing for players as they spend their time frantically making their way from one board to another. It is therefore recommended to play with no more than three or four boards so that you can stay in control of the game.

It is also best to select a bingo site that has fewer players. The best way to do this is to play during the early morning or afternoon and it is best to avoid the very busy weekends.

Finally, when enjoying bingo from your mobile device it is important to fix yourself a budget and be sure to stick to it. Once you have crossed the amount of money you wish to play with, stop and enjoy playing mobile bingo during your next gaming experience.