UK Bingo Popularity

Even before the onset of online Bingo, the UK was always the leader in Bingo games. For some inexplicable reason, with the increase in popularity of internet gaming, online Bingo really took off. UK Online Bingo offers more than just a game, there are a number of different Bingo versions, special offers and of course the chat rooms which makes playing Bingo online even more attractive. When you play a game of online Bingo you are entering an industry and a family at the same time, whether you choose a game site where you need to download software or you choose one of the many flash or Java games that are available.

Online UK Bingo Options

Playing online Bingo is no longer just about getting the numbers which are called from randomly chosen balls, as with the traditional Bingo. Firstly balls are not used to call the numbers but random number generators, which are little computer chips, churn out the numbers, making the game not only fairer but quicker. When playing online you can choose to play with either the 75 ball game or the 90 ball game. Although traditionally the 90 ball game which uses cards made of 3 rows and 9 columns, each row having 5 numbers, is preferred in the UK, both games are available online. In addition each individual bingo house offers different special offers and sign up bonuses to try and attract players. Many of the bingo houses are linked to larger organizations or even casinos so it is worth checking out the details before you commit as you can often receive many extra bonuses and entrances to other games from the bingo game.

Online UK Bingo Play

For many, playing Bingo is just about landing the winning numbers that are called and the player doesn't want to bother with looking for the numbers and comparing the cards that he has. For this reason the "auto daub" which is unique to online Bingo is a great tool. By selecting auto daub, you are letting the computer mark your numbers and you are free to enter the chat room and chat to your new Bingo friends. Some of the Bingo rooms also offer "best card sorting" and "best card highlighting" which shows you which of your cards are closest to winning at any one time. But be careful because many Bingo sites now only offer a set number of cards that can be played at any one time in order to avoid the high rollers and make it fairer for all players.

Online UK Bingo Chat Rooms

Apart from the prizes and monetary rewards offered by the Bingo rooms, the biggest attraction has to be the chat rooms. Bingo Chat rooms are so popular that they have established their own shortened chat expressions known as "chatiquette". When someone wins you can often see WTG being sent to the winner which means "way to go" and other similar expressions. Since Online Bingo has become so popular with the younger generation, they also turn to it for the social aspect as well. Not only do players get to meet and chat with other players on a regular basis but they also have the chance to win money for very low investments. Some Bingo houses offer no deposit Bingo games which is a bit like practice play at the online casinos. A player gets to play Bingo games for fun only and cannot win any money.

How to Pay and Play UK Online Bingo

All in all, UK online Bingo is a big industry and family which is made easy to join by all of the special offers and attractive bonuses that are available, not to mention the many different ways that you can deposit money from standard credit card use to online payment transaction methods which are totally safe and secure. Companies like Neteller and Firepay often offer special deposit match deals for some of the Bingo Rooms so it is worth looking out for these. Online Bingo is more than just a game and a chance to win money it is a society and family that you can join and be a part of whilst making new friends and having a chance to win money and prizes.